Design and Constructability of Curved and Complex Surfaces with CFS - 1LU  

Curved surfaces are dominant in nature; in fact linear geometry rarely occurs. This abstract inspiration continues to advance building design and challenge cost-effective, constructible solutions. A deeper knowledge of complex geometries provides the basis for understanding the development of constructible solutions for complex and curved surfaces. High profile case studies highlight the type of critical project elements and unique design challenges that require structural framing design expertise. This course also demonstrates the value of collaborative BIM and 3D models to leverage the cost-effective use of cold-formed steel for curved and complex framing solutions.

Learning Objective 1: Gain a deeper understanding of the geometry behind the development of Curved and Complex Surfaces.

Learning Objective 2: Identify the critical project elements necessary to maintain the design intent of projects with Curved and Complex Surfaces.

Learning Objective 3: Anticipate the unique design challenges and plan for the collaboration required to develop constructible solutions for Complex and Curved Surfaces.

Learning Objective 4: Understand the role and capability of BIM and 3D models combined with cold-formed steel in resolving unique structural design challenges.


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