Our owner, Chuck Mears FAIA, founded Radius Track Corporation in 1997 based on his desire, as an architect and a contractor, to accurately and cost-effectively construct curved & complex building designs.

Today, we have 20+ years of exclusive expertise focused on developing cold-formed metal framing systems for curved and complex buildings. We collaborate with Project Teams – from preconstruction through installation – so that we can holistically develop and fabricate constructable, precision-crafted framing systems that honor the design intent. And, we are responsive to customers’ needs offering a scalable delivery method to deliver small to large projects for stick based systems or fully unitized assemblies.

Radius Track develops systems for increasingly complex building designs with stringent requirements such as extended life, acoustic performance, water management, Miami-Dade NOA, etc. These solutions bring additional value to Project Teams by helping to address skilled labor shortage issues and bringing material savings with simpler installation via pre-curved framing systems that often allow displacement of structural steel.

We are passionate about serving our customers well – defining the project parameters, developing constructable solutions and delivering precision-crafted framing systems that meet each unique project’s requirements. Applications include roofs, facades, walls, ceiling, domes and any other type of curved surface…from simple to complex…structural or non-structural.



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