The Radius Trim Bender™ is a remarkable portable tool that allows you to curve 20-gauge angle up to 3" x 3" quickly, accurately and conveniently right on the job site. It eliminates the need for old-fashioned tin snips and the trial-and-error method of making the right radius. With the Trim Bender, you have the power to create curved applications to almost any radius specification.

Just look in a chart to find the radius angle you want, dial it in, and squeeze to create an accurate bend. Once set, the Trim Bender will bend the angle to the same radius, piece after piece, all day long. Just as quickly, you can change the radius at any time simply by turning the dial. Compact, and easy to use, and requiring no electricity, this innovative system forms the exact curve you want by creating compound indentations at consistent intervals along the length of the angle. You can space the indents at intervals of 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 inches.

Once a piece of angle is bent into a radius, it is capable of spanning distances in excess of 3 feet between supports, significantly reducing installation time.

No reinforcement needed
You can easily and simply create a curved member that is complete and ready for use in minutes instead of hours and no additional reinforcements are necessary. In fact, no straps or additional steel or plywood is needed to maintain the desired curvature.

Built to last and last and last.
Tough heavy-gauge steel construction throughout assures a smooth, trouble-free operation you can count on job after job.

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