Walls, Domes, Ceilings, Facades and other Curved Designs

Large or small, simple or complex, domes or curved ceilings and walls, nobody knows more about helping you design and build curved surfaces than Radius Track®. Period. Architects, general and drywall contractors and building products distributors trust us to help turn any project into a successful project.


Consulting, BIM Design & 3D Modeling Services. We hear it all the time: "We couldn't have done it without you guys." At Radius Track, we've built our reputation by taking the most complex curved surface challenges and turning them into simple solutions. Our consulting, BIM Design and 3D modeling services can dramatically reduce costs without sacrificing any of the aesthetic or structural objectives. We're not afraid of curves—put us to the test and see for yourself. Learn More
Curved-Right® Custom Framing You just can't find a more economical, accurate, and timely solution to build any curved surface than with our cold form steel fabricating service. Count on us to help you specify exactly what you need and ship it right to your job. It will arrive on time, as promised, absolutely accurate and marked for quick, easy and simple installation. Learn More
Hand-Bendable Curved Framing Products Ready Products are the most convenient and simple solutions for any curved shape with steel and wood. These specially designed Ready-Hat®, Ready-Track®, Ready-Arch® and Ready-Angle® profiles are supplied in straight sections that can be easily hand-formed to your exact requirements on the job site. Ready Products hold their shape so they're simple and easy to install reducing labor costs. Learn More
Radius Track Bender® and Radius Trim Bender™ Curved Framing Tools You'll be amazed at how our ingenious portable hand tools allow you to simply, easily and accurately replicate curved forms right on the jobsite to save enormous amounts of installation and labor time. Radius Track Bender® is ideal for forming curved studs and track runners up to 20-gauge and 6—inches in width. The Radius Trim Bender™ allows you to curve 20-gauge angle up to 3 x 3-inches for beautiful curves every time. Learn More