Holy Nativity Romanian Orthodox Church, Chicago, IL
Images courtesy of Cordos Construction

Dome framing

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Cordos Construction - GC of Core & Shell
Radius Track Corporation - Dome Solution Provider

Domes in process

Dome raisings

Blue Sky Days for Chicago Domes

Chicago averages eighty-four blue-sky-days per year and last month experienced the 3rd snowiest January since 1884. With that kind of weather, savvy contractors look to maximize the construction season and accomplish as much as they can, when they can.

At Holy Nativity Romanian Orthodox Church (3) twelve-sided domes reach to the blue sky. Two Cupola domes stand 7 feet tall on 18 feet round tension rings and the main dome stretches over 14 feet tall with a base diameter of 36 ½ feet. Clifford Bedar, Chief Operations Officer of Cordos Construction said, “Domes can be built a number of ways. We chose a dome solution by Radius Track Corporation because of the complex curves, the light weight of the CFS framing, and the ability to construct the domes on the ground and hoist them into place. This saved us time, allowed our carpenters and the roofers to complete almost all of their dome work on the ground, and increased job-site safety.”

On top of those points, Cliff found the dome engineering and design gratifying, stating, “The Radius Track Designer I worked with understood our questions and initiated remote video conferences that allowed us to see Radius Track’s 3D dome models on our computer screen during conference calls. This expedited information transfer and made the dome work the best part of the project for us.”

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