Tobin Center for the Performing Arts

Inspired by the flowing water of the San Antonio River, a geometric pattern of GFRG panels flows across and up a 70 foot sculptural wall constructed with pre-curved framing to achieve the compound curves across the 100 foot arc.


The new icon of Port Canaveral, the building’s iridescent façade reaching from water to sky was constructed with pre-curved unitized assemblies and mica coated metal panels.




Space Shuttle Atlantis attraction at the Kennedy Space Center

Before visitors see the famed Atlantis Space Orbiter they are treated to a multi-media space experience in a theater of soaring arches designed by PGAV Destinations.


Edmonton International Airport

Inspired by the play of the wind in the Alberta landscape, DIALOG designed a one-of-a-kind metal ribbon and glass façade for Edmonton’s new office and control tower.


New World Center Concert Hall

Designed by Frank Gehry, the 106,350 square foot New World Center’s interior curved surfaces enclose rehearsal rooms, offices, and deliver sound perfectly within the 756 seat Performance Hall configured in the round.


Ready Products at Qualcomm Inc

Ready-Hat™, Ready-Track®
Ready-Arch® and
Ready-Angle® Flexible Framing Profiles


The cornerstone of the Cathedral of Hope's campus, the Interfaith Peace Chapel, designed by Philip Johnson, FAIA, utilizes a double wall assembly of curved track and stud to punctuate and frame openings.


Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Within this Performing Arts Center designed by Moshe Safdie, 3D modeling and Curved-Right™ pre-curved track and studs are some of the solutions Radius Track provided to create the crisply detailed framing for curved acoustic elements.


Saint Andrew Orthodox Christian Church domes

Designed by CJK Design Group, St. Andrew Orthodox Church, Riverside, CA, is constructed with 7 distinct light filled domes, 74 arches, 14 barrel vaults, 16 groin vaults, 8 inverted convex ceiling domes and a soaring central dome.


Welcome to Radius Track Corporation

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