Corn Palace 1Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Santa Rosa Chapel • San Antonio, TX

Corn Palace 02 3D model of the engineered double wall CFS framing system.

Corn Palace 02Rendered plan view of the Spirit of the River themed chapel.

Stanley Beaman & Sears
Architect of Record WHR Architects
General Contractor Bartlett Cocke

Framing & Gypsum Contractor MK Marlow
Distributor Building Specialties (L&W Supply)
Framing Structural Engineer THHinc McClure Engineering Company
Curved Framing Solutions Radius Track Corporation

Corn Palace MainRight Image: Architect’s rendering of new two-story lobby space and chapel. Left Image: Hybrid framing of the outer wall of the double walled system.

How to Frame a Fluid Design

Every day we build connections to the people and places around us. At San Antonio Children’s Hospital, their facility and health service offerings have grown from more than 140 years of connections to the city and community. In 2016 a new chapel will be completed to welcome and comfort patients, family and friends in soothing light, color and shapes. Sensitive to the strong faith and deep rooted connection to the San Antonio river, the Architect, Stanley Beaman & Sears, wove together a Spirit of the River theme with forms of flowing water, the shape of two hands clasped together in prayer and the graceful curve of an angel’s wing.

Early in the project, the team identified three challenges: how to dimension the curved shapes of the Chapel using traditional 2D Construction Document methodology, how to cross reference and unify the architectural model, structural engineering model, and the structural steel fabrication model, and how to further smooth the geometry of the finished surface of the architect’s model. “I was relieved when I saw what Radius Track Corporation (RTC) delivered,” said Designer and Project Architect Godfrey Gaisie, “Using our 3D model, those from the structural engineer and steel fabricator, a RTC Design Technologist developed a unified 3D model for discussion, clash detection, and coordination. We agreed on the location of the finished surface, and they worked inward to build a framing design to meet the design intent.”

Working from 3D models overcame the dimensioning challenge typically encountered when only standard 2D construction documents are created for curved and complex designs. Experience unifying and validating 3D models for clash detection provided a common vehicle to communicate locations and requirements to frame the flowing shapes. Further defining the architectural model to show smooth curved transitions as the walls of the chapel flowed one into the other provided key information to the framing and finish contractor. This is what Radius Track brings to the team. “They can design and construct framing for any shape we imagine.” Said Godfrey, “no longer are we held to rigid geometries.”

IMAGE CREDITS: Top left and right images and bottom left image courtesy of Stanley Beaman Sears. 3D modeling image by Radius Track.

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